Frequently Asked Questions

At WHSV we know that there a multitude of questions that arise when contemplating having a custom built trailer or vehicle converted for a specific use. Here's a list of frequently asked questions to give some help answering common questions before making contact with us.

If you don't see the answer to your question here, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1430 879090 and we will be glad to help.

How long would it take to complete my motorsport support trailer/truck.

Well, although each project is very different, we would like to say that a completed unit can be accomplished within a six week timescale. For a more accurate estimate we suggest you call us to discuss.

Do I have to start with a brand new trailer or unit?

No not at all. We can use anything as a starting point. Our fabrication & engineering skills can turn a tatty trailer into a full blown support unit with living accomodation, workshop, hospitality & car / bike / exhibition space.

Can WHSV sell me a brand new completed ready to go tractor / trailer / truck motorsport solution?

Of course. We would first advise you of your best options before procuring a complete unit to convert. We would then design the interior based on your brief and produce fully modelled 3D designs for you to agree upon.

I have a very specific design brief for my teams transporter which I have not seen used on your website. Can WHSV still help?

Yes indeed. We can produce anything that is put in front of us. As long as you don't require a teleporter we are confident that any design brief can be acheived.

I need a fully integrated hospitality area with a very high spec and multiple areas . Can WHSV help?

Yes definitely. We are currently designing multi storey integrated hospitality structures for clients for 2013. To find out more about F1 type hospitality, please contact us for an informal meeting.

My team / business is not based in the UK. Does WHSV supply worldwide?

We deal with clients from all over the world and are renowned for excellent service, communiaction & logistics of any purchased solution.

Will WHSV fix issues with my unit if it should break whilst in service outside the UK?

We offer a fantastic warranty with all our solutions which makes sure your unit functions no matter where it is in the world. We fly our specialist technicians wherever your unit is leaving your team to get on with the job in hand.

My teams unit needs an overhaul, refit and new paint. Can I really just get it all done at WHSV?

Yes. We can do everything all under the same roof. We have many clients whose trailers go through changes every season due to team sponsorship branding with updates to the working & living spaces. We have the skills & resources to completely refurbish your unit ready for the new season.

I have a restoration project. Can WHSV help with that?

At WHSV Ltd we love old vehicles & we like nothing better than to produce an exemplary & outstanding authentic classic. Take a look at our work on the Gulf Porsche Racing Transporter added to the ROFGO Collection. Please call to discuss your project in more detail when you are ready.

I'm not sure about the layout I want but I like one you have done already. Can I get the same one?

Yes, no problem. We have many clients who choose an exsisting layout design after browsing through our portfolio.

I want a WHSV solution. What do I need to do? ring? email? Arrange a meeting? what is best?

Please either call us as soon as you can or email us a basic outline of your needs. We can call you at a convenient time to discuss your requirements further & also arrange a meeting.