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Our designers create accurate 3D models of your concept allowing ideas to breathe & a final spec to be formed & agreed before any build goes ahead.

3D modelling

We have an excellent track record in 3D modeling. 3D models offer clients the realism of photography with far greater efficiency & allows different specs to be compared easily.


Our design team works hand in hand with clients providing them with a one - to - one relationship every step of the way so their concept can be fully realised

We take your concept & make it a reality...

Our design team works closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements and objectives for your trailer or vehicle. We then move to create what we have learnt to bring some draft solutions to the table to be discussed which gives both parties a great starting point.

3D gets to the projects bottom line fast..

We show our clients how their product looks & works from the outset. Design alternatives can be compared, extra benefits can be added early on an costed & project managers can show their directors the proposed product before it has been built to demonstrate the benefits which in turn allows control of the projects budget.

3D modelling allows your design to take shape vey quickly. The process can graphically simplify complicated concepts and convey complex inter-relationships, which are difficult to visualize.

Our designers visualise your idea so you can experience the product early on...

Concepts and ideas, which cannot easily be represented in words or even through illustrations, can be easily created and viewed from different angles. Effects from light sources can be shown from different angles and used to form positioning of elements that contribute to the overall look and feel of the concept design.

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